How would you feel about winning €10,000 playing bingo, knowing that you won’t have to wager a lot of money or jeopardize your bankroll. 72a4cad4 56e8 4210 9de0 067b9b162a4c

This is the kind of proposition that Europa casino Bingo is about to make and you don’t need any previous experience to be successful at your first attempt.

The money is going to be split among the most successful players, but in order to find yourself among them, you need to participate in the grab a grand night promotion.

There are 10 different games and each of them will reward a maximum of €1000, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get rich. These prizes are supposed to get players fully immersed in the fantastic atmosphere of bingo games, with three raffle scheduled for each day. Players can participate in all of them, and with amounts ranging from €50 to a maximum of €200, depending on how much they bet.

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The minimum investment of €5 will make players eligible for a place in the first draw, while the next raffle will require players to commit €10 out-of-pocket. Last but definitely not least, you would have to venture €20 on bingo tickets to compete in the third and best paying competition. The good news is that if you are ready to push or bingo activity into overdrive and spend a combined amount of €35 on bingo tickets, you will enter all three draws.

Assuming you are successful enough as to win prizes in the straws, you will also be rewarded with additional incentives in the form of free entries. These can be spent as tokens for the upcoming draws which have already been announced for the first weeks of October. This tournament is divided into several stages with the first one starting at the beginning of the month and it will come to an end on September 15.

Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t have the time to join this competition yet, because you’re not at a disadvantage compared to your counterparts. Just make sure you spend the necessary amount on bingo tickets and you can close the gap and even overtake many of them.

You don’t need skill or practice to win a prize, because as long as you are lucky nobody will be able to stop in your tracks and Europa casino Bingo will make this F truly special.all