32Red is catering for Swedish players and this goes beyond offering a website that is available in their native language. Customer support specialists are also32redlogo2 fluent in Swedish and those who require health are guaranteed to receive the right away.

The games are also carefully selected to meet all the expectations of local players, so those who sign up for real money account won’t be disappointed.

The available payment methods are also in accord with the expectations of Swedish players, as new financial instruments preferred by them were added in 2015. 32Red is going to continue this expansion and this year it plans to add SafeCharge payments, for more convenient way of transferring funds. These transactions are going to work in both directions, so you can fund your account immediately and without paying a fee, but also cash out your profits quickly and safely.


The transactions service provider is already popular all over the world, serving players from hundreds of countries with an inexpensive product. Compared to traditional banking services which force players to wait many days to receive their funds and charge them hefty fees, SafeCharge payments are breeze. Players are also allowed to deposit and withdraw money in multiple currencies and the conversion rate is as fair as it gets.

The online casino is trying to accept players from all over the world and this is why it needs to diversify its payment methods. Depending on their country of residence, some players might prefer one financial instrument over the other, but you can never have too many of them on display.

The advantage of using a cost-effective banking service and working with a leader in global transactions is that players no longer have to worry about the security of their money transfers.

They need to be sure that when they deposit funds, their credit cards will not be charged excessively and that sensitive information is not shared with third parties. This is in fact one of the chief concerns for those who reside in countries where online gambling is not clearly regulated. Even if local authorities are not going to do anything against those who play online at international casinos, the absence of clear market regulations can prove to be problematic.

SafeCharge has a widespread and extremely strong distribution network, so these transfers are not regarded as compromises for those leaving in such countries. 32Red has a highly professional customer support that can provide assistance to those who are trying to find the most convenient payment methods. The advantages and shortcomings of each financial instruments are highlighted by these experts, so that players can make an educated decision.

The thing about SafeCharge is that the advantages draw any inconveniences that might arise, making it the first choice for thousands of players. They have a premium client base and workflows not only with online casinos, but any company that requires the services of a global payment processor.